The importance of inbound linking for Search Engine Optimisation.

When you aim to retain traffic on your website the first thing to keep in mind is that you must refer your audience to other pages on your website. Consumer retention is your primary goal and this requires providing keywords that enhance your search ranking. High quality back-links(inbound links) always rank higher and any reviewed or updates to your company website will rely on them. The about page and mission statement is what grabs your audiences attention and the public relations information that promotes the business retains them. Once your audience is aware of your brand or activity they are more likely to read through other pages via the inbound links to other pages referred to from each page. Inbound links to pages also helps people remember what you do and revise by going back and forth.

It is essential that the quality of content on these pages is well formatted using the inverted pyramid style of writing and layout.Key word updates are also essential to the success of inbound traffic to your companies webpages. Replacing ‘yourwebpage’ with the title of your actual website will show you where and who is linking to your pages. This can be useful in defining your target audience.

In terms of page ranking, getting inbound visitors from outside sources will help immensely. If, on the other hand the inbound link contains a relevant keyword to your site, Google will give it even more value. When you are trying to increase traffic the best inbound links come from sites with content similar or relevant to your own.

Most of search spiders include the inbound links aspect in search engine algorithm. If your web site has more backlinks then your site is more trustworthy in SERPs eye. Sometimes search engine optimisers try to twist or operate the search engine. Good inlinks building is the only legitimate method to increase site position in the search engines index.

The number of backlinks you have is crucial, but that is not the only factor that is important. Here are some other factors you want to consider:

1. Relevance. Let’s say your website is all about selling car parts and offering car repair services. But if you get backlinks coming from websites that are not connected in any way to your business (such as vegetarian diet websites), then this won’t boost your SEO at all. In fact, it may trigger suspicion that you didn’t earn your backlinks the proper way.

Google may think that you bought those backlinks, and this may earn you a penalty.

2. Quality. Not only should the websites linking to your site be relevant to your niche, but they should also be popular with Google and other search engines as well. Let’s put it this way: you’re a basketball player and you need a recommendation—it’s better to have a recommendation from a famous coach like Phil Jackson than from a high school coach in some unknown town. So going back to our previous example, if you have a car parts and repair website, you should endeavor to get backlinks from well-established websites connected to the car industry.

3. Different types of websites. There are many types of websites connected to the car industry. Some are blogs and review websites, there are forums and online directories, and others are commercial websites. You need backlinks from all of them, and not just from a particular type of website.

4. Speed of acquisition. You can’t suddenly have a thousand backlinks appearing overnight. It will make search engines suspicious. Getting a thousand backlinks is only possible if you bought them and Google will penalize you for trying to trick them.

Essentially, the more and better backlinks you have, the greater chance you have of improving your ranking with Google. Just make sure you do it ethically, or else you’ll do more harm than good for your site.




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