Traditional Chinese Medicine(T.C.M) versus Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine  which originated in India and the traditional medicine developed by the Chinese, both share a history that predates Ortodox medicine. It is in this instance that both are sought for variable health conditions with the former taking precedence as it is the oldest known medical practice in the world.Recorded evidence suggests that both practices have been documented since around two thousand years ago. Essentially it is unfair to dismiss such historic relevance to primary healthcare. Many orthodox medical journals have critiqued the validity of such medical systems due to unproven clinical trial data and the pressures imposed by regulation of pharmaceutical medicine.

There is much similarity in the holistic approach and concepts of both Ayurveda and T.C.M with variable benefits identified by individual patients.

Some of the therapies used in both practices are quite extreme to say the least and after much investigation it is worth noting which treatment you find more acceptable for the health concern.

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