Manual Lymphatic Drainage~The immune boosting therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage was developed by Doctor Emil and Estrid Vodder in the 1930’s,while presented with patients exhibiting lowered immunity such as colds and flu symptoms. At this time of changing seasons people feel emotionally and physically challenged,it is essential that we continually rejuvenate ourselves by flushing residual toxins and excess fluid surrounding tissues and cells from our system. This technique resemble a massage but in fact an assisted facilitation of immune boosting,rather than directly aiming to remove tension and adhesion by relaxing and stimulating smooth muscle and organ systems. M.L.D. targets primarily skin and lymphatic vessels including lymph nodes which are responsible for removing excess fluid through specific movements that encourage the proliferation of  the categories of white blood cells that destroy harmful bacteria and viruses allowing natural removal through the  excretory organ route(i.e skin sweating,urinary and digestive.

This assisted technique encourages the stimulation of lymphatic capillaries to speed up the removal of excess fluid,dead cells and toxins and over time repeated sessions begin to show multiple-benefits;energy levels are increased,skin looks brighter and healthier,swelling is reduced and the digestive  and urinary systems begins to function properly.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been used extensively in clinical settings such as  with Oncology(cancer treatment) and in the treatment of  patients with H.I.V/A.I.D.S.

Some Complementary health therapists offer this treatment as a holistic therapy but it is worth noting the training qualifications the practitioner has received. I.T.E.C(International therapy examination council) qualified practitioners have received over 300 clinical hours training as part of their qualification,but you also have the option of receiving treatment by an accredited practitioner who has received the traditional Vodder method training,often patients with more serious immune related conditions are better off seeking the treatment in a reputable department within a hospital,but as long as you feel you are receiving the benefit their is no reason why you should not choose a respected complementary therapist with sufficient level of skill to perform the therapy.


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