Surfing for Fun and Fitness becoming a popular Irish past-time

Surfing on the west coast of Ireland is now well established as one of the worlds premier destinations for surfing conditions, with many competitive surfers from all over the world becoming frequent flyers in pursuit of surf  locations from West Cork in the south to Donegal in the north, it is no-wonder that the lifestyle physical activity has caught on for fun and fitness.

*I filmed the videos  for this post on Sunday 22nd of January,this just goes to show that despite the cold Irish winter weather people of all ages are not deterred in their pursuit of happyness.

Both beginners and experienced surfers,of all ages, from all walks of life share the waves at Garettstown, which is located about ten minutes from Kinsale town, County Cork in Southern Ireland.  The surf conditions are suitable at all times of the year , which only the  most dedicated avail of on a daily basis. The more adventurous surfers usually progress up the coast to nearby Inchydonny where wave swells and wind speed make the conditions more challenging and enjoyable for the more competitive. The most recent discovery for excellent surf is found further up the west coast off the cliffs of moher.

The benefits of surfing are numerous  and present; improved co-ordination and agility , cardiovascular endurance: improved circulation, increased oxygen uptake transporting vital nutrients in blood to cells, Toning muscle groups* Strengthening peripheral nerve supply making the body more responsive,secondary to this response makes the body better adapted to stress by balancing the adrenal hormones*Improves quality of sleep from increase inspirartion because of quality of sea air*

*Social implications:Mood boosting activity; releases happy hormones such as dopamine, tryptophan and seretonin

Garettstown Surf  School caters for beginners and the more experienced. Life guards monitor conditions all year round. Surf conditions vary so it is wise to plan well in advance by checking the surf forecast websites to get the best overview.

Bundoran Surf School (county Donegal)

Kite Surfing

Wind Surfing

Body Boarding

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