Strains and Cures:Health Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis

If you suffer from a debilitating illness take a look at some of the videos and links and feel free to contribute to this discussion by posting in the comments section below.

The U.S. Compassionate Use Act and Multiple Sclerosis are two main factors that we think of when we hear “so-called” experts discussing the medicinal facts of medical marijuana; it is not uncommon to see propaganda spread about a topic hotly debated since the “Nixon-administration” in the mid to late 1950 and the United States governments influence over foreign politics.

This can be seen as a rejection of accurate facts, even-though “the powers that be” are aware of the historical and medicinal use that has been well documented as a herbal medicine for hundreds of years (going back to the Chinese dynasties  and also to  Queen Victoria who attributed it’s benefits to improving digestion and easing labour pains).

The health benefits of medical marijuana are often a taboo subject in modern societies,probably because of governments inability to cope with “the war on drugs” and grasp medical marijuana as a medicine and as a taxable and regulated industry ; probably due to the smoking aspect being perceived as the unhealthiest option and its  recreational use. Although as we can see in dispensaries in the Netherlands and many U.S. states,it’s education on the cannabis product that takes precedence over its recreational use ,social problem factors seem to be nothing but fabricated by those in authorities who create their own facts at the expense of  debilitating health condition sufferers.

The pharmaceutical industry has had a long period of time to gather it’s data and conduct clinical trials so that it can provide pharmacies with a product with no adverse side effects which as a result would be profitable and improve financial growth at a time of economic recovery within the stock-markets.

Governments are wasting their time fighting something that has been in existence since before civilizations gained a foothold on this planet , every-year more and more countries take steps towards leniency and full recognition of its health giving properties.

I wonder if the agenda lies with scientists having had their authority taken away and been influenced by the powers that be in such a way as to either approve or reject claims(although the evidence leans in the direction of provide versus confiscate).

At a time of increased financial pressures many people have little time to reflect on what is important to them in life and are continuously rushing around,it sounds like we are just “pawns or cogs in the wheel” if we are to accept the view of the powers that be on this topic; that “we would be an unproductive society” if cannabis legislation was made more flexible for those with debilitating ailments,seeking its benefits.It is just not logical to control something that is part of nature, that is essential to pain relief ,where pharmaceuticals  continues to dominantly view herbal medicine as inferior by orthodox medicine rather than combining both approaches, I fail to see the justification of this argument even though herbalism existed before orthodox medicine,how can it be said that it does not give the same or better relief from debilitating health conditions.There is astounding majority support figures available to suggest that society is now ready to see this being incorporated into primary healthcare, with public opinion showing that ‘ the positives far out-way the negatives’ ;especially with edibles and isolates  now available  (without the high or full body stone associated with specific strains).

If you research this topic with reference to the demography of ethnic cultures around the world regarding its meditative  effect as essential to healing; what you will find is an astounding similarity in feedback regarding its medicinal benefits from varying forms of its consumption .  The research is there to suggests that cannabis strains each possess varying levels of the T.H.C. and C.B.D. properties each with a unique effect to enhance the quality and standard of  a persons life. There seems to be a misconception that cannabis causes psychosis,rather than allowing Psychologists to analyse the underlying mental health history of the individual through a more holistic approach.

Check out these links and make your own decision rather than being influenced. I welcome your feedback in the comments section below.

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