Prevention is better than cure

This is a motto that us complementary therapists are thought while at college, it is remarkable that most of us are the greatest teachers of this stuff,but seem to rarely apply it to ourselves.

Only the few can recommend successfully and see that those that we give advice to actually apply it themselves. Take cancer patients as an example,nobody ever told them as children that our thoughts create our emotions and this in turn manifests whether we like it or not,many people choose to suppress thoughts rather than constructively and positively do anything with them. I like the idea of new years resolutions as a head start on that lifestyle improvement that we have been putting off,if we consider making those adjustments earlier in life rather than later,wouldn’t you think it would be a wise choice to make that move !!.

It is interesting to note that as education grows in public health so does opposition to change,we make excuses every day of our lives that we are in control of our health. but are we really? It all starts in our minds and the opposite of this is it all starts in our digestive tract. Nutrition is the most valuable tool at our disposal,especially at a time of increased life pressures,we ignore our mental health and selfishly question other people motives,like a kind of collective paranoia.Wouldn’t it be of value to us to be more observant of the way we treat and respond to our bodies and as a result treat and respond to society.

Endocrinology is a fascinating area of medical consultancy even at the most basic level,it opens our eyes to more than just physical ailment manifestation it can be an integral part of self education. Endocrinology is the study of hormones and how they fluctuate by over or under secretion from specific glands which regulate individual systems in the body.An example of endocrinology in day to day practice is Autogenic training a form of meditation and stress management technique,which if learned properly can help us to educate our body to respond to feedback from that which we consume,be it the stress that comes from information overload,distrust of our intuitive senses,which should never should be ignored , only differentiated from that which is our inbuilt protective mechanism in response to our foods,substances and experiences that agree with our holistic well-being or manifests itself as disease.

If something goes into our system it inevitably has to come out somewhere at some point; this is our innate healing ability,which if ignored will manifest as a physical ailment and or mental emotional condition. We need to become aware of this differentiation as consumption also applies to what information we take in through external influence and question does it sit well for us or does it make us uncomfortable or sick .

Health perception is a very individualistic thing which we should never be underestimated a good example of this is the saying “everything in moderation” but as many of us make over-generalisations it can be taken a step to far at the expense of all areas of public health. We have at our disposal the keys to unlock a vital piece of knowledge to free us from our self perceived lifestyle constraints.It is our our choice to make the next move,with many books being written nowadays on this kind of topic it is no wonder that public interest is growing in the area of personal development.


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