~”Those who do not Spa are missing out” ~

It is one of the most important leisure and recreation pursuits for our well-being, yet we rarely set a side time and money to invest in ourselves.

Elemis is truly the most popular spa product on the globe, used exstensively on the ocean cruise liners, the brand has pretty much monopolised the international market. Most of Elemis ‘s  success is generated from online product sales through the official web-store and the in-spa sales teams generate sustained growth , with a superbly efficient standard and vision this concept brand will continue to dominate well into the future of the spa industry.

Thalgo is the leading Thalasso- therapy spa product in the world,used in concept spas at all levels from Bijou to Medi and from Day spa to Signature and Destination Resort Spas; The brand specialises in detox and nurturing through it sea based product concept.

It is a well established product range that has generated fantastic  reviews from beauty professionals and the general public alike.

Yonka is developing as one of the fore-running brands in the global spa product market, public interest has begun to surface with many new and existing spa’s choosing ,Yonka for its definitive scents and textures.





Not only are we investing in ourselves we are also contributing to a de-stressed society and economic growth both on a local and national level,supporting local businesses to thrive in an uncertain financial climate.








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