The Marley Legacy

The great king Robert Nesta Marley’s legacy is truly secure with the hard work and dedication of his children.

Forever will live his music but what he has left behind is the rasta consciousness which has raised the beacon of reggae music high for all concerned.

Ziggy Marley is Bob’s eldest son.He has been singing professionally since 1984.His mellow tone one drop style of reggae guitar playing and vocals attracts many listeners of his own generation and younger.

Kymani Marley is both an actor and singer,appearing in the central role in the Shottas movie and One Love movie with Cherine Anderson .His vocal style and live stage performances are very much reminiscent  of his fathers work.

New Song: “Be Smart”:

Stephen Marley is a producer and artist.

New Songs from New Album :”False Friends”:

Damian “Jnr Gong” Marley is a roots reggae artists heavily influenced by U.S. Hip Hop he has been on the scene since early 2001 with the success of his first international album ‘Half way tree’ .Son of Cindy Breakspear(Jamaicas miss world competition winner 1974). His debut album in 1996, ‘Mr.Marley’  is a tribute to his father.

Rohan Marley the mastermind behind marley coffee, grown exstensively on 52 acres in Portland Jamaica has been project developing the brand since 1998 and is now in the process of international roll out,aiming to open a marley Coffee in one location in every country throughout the world.

 Julian Marley.


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