Jah Mason ~ Building us up , not breaking us down.



Jah Mason was born  André Johnson in the humble parish of Manchester in Jamaica.His lion roar style of vocals and lyrics have given the singer songwriter much positive recognition from contemporary reggae fans and international producers and record labels.    Jah Mason started out in the reggae music industry when he released his début single ‘Selassie I call we’  under the name “Perry Mason” for Junior Reid’s, JR music Label, not long after this he changed his Iritical (spirit message) name to Jah’s Mason; justifying his name change as representation of his spirituality and culture . He began his recording career on the collaborative album “Saddle to the East” in 2001 with Anthony B and Steve Machete for the Brick-wall music label.

In two thousand and two, he released his  fifteen track début album “Keep Your Joy” on the Ghetto Technology Music Label. Later in the year of two thousand and two he released his twelve track sophomore album and hit song  of the same name “Working so hard” collaborating with Jah Cure for the KJ record label.

In two thousand and three he released his third album called Unlimited produced by Michael Coburn for the Reggae vibes and On the corner music labels.This thirteen track album contains backing vocals from J.D. Smooth. Also in two thousand and three he released his  fifteen track, hugely successful fourth album: “Never give up”, produced by Kariang for the On the Corner record label.

During two thousand and four, Jah Mason released his fifth album called “Most Royal” on the Jah Warrior record label. Also during two thousand and four, Jah Mason released on the Vikings label his sixth album: “Surprise dem” produced by Mafia and Fluxy and the Fire-house Crew at Black Scorpio recording studio in Jamaica.  Also in two thousand and five, Jah Mason released his seventh album: “Rise” produced by Carl ‘Stereo’ Fletcher for the On the Corner record label.

May two thousand and six,Jah Mason produced his eight album and hit song of the same name: “Princess gone(the saga bed)” for VP records.

In September of two thousand and six he released his ninth album: Wheat and Tears produced by Byron Murray on the Greensleeves record label.This album contains the ganja anthem and hit song ‘Mi Chalwa’. During february two thousand and seven, Jah Mason released his tenth album: Life is just a Journey which contains the hit songs ‘Don’t sell your soul’ and ‘Ganja for life’ produced by Frenchie for the Corner-shop record label.

In february two thousand and eight , Jah Mason collaborated with Anthony B and Turbulence to release the album The Pow-Pow triology for the Pow-Pow record label. In march two thousand and eight, Jah Mason released his eleventh album:  and hit song of the same name No Matter the Time produced for the Vikings record label at Black Scorpio studio , this album contains a range of hit tunes that include ‘Too hot fe dem’, ‘Free up the Knowledge’ and ‘Burn dem for a purpose’. In october two thousand and ten, Jah Mason collaborated with various artists such as Everton Blender and Natty King on the eleven track compilation album: Roots , Reality and Culture produced by Love Injection on the Vikings record label.

In december two thousand and ten, Jah Mason released his twelfth album: Keep Ya Head Up produced by the RaStar records label , this album contains the hit tune ‘Gwaan Live Up’. He certainly maintains a busy touring schedule promoting his latest album: The Journey which is out now.

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