Empress of Reggae: Adele Harley~ More Fire Management and Future Projects.


Official Website: http://adeleharley.com/

(Q and A) : My Interview with Adele Harley

Life with Damien: ” Greetings Adele can you tell me how difficult you have been finding the reggae music business to develop in“?
Adele Harley: [..”Actually a lot easier than you would imagine, the response has been excellent and 100% positive from the day I started .. so very pleased”..]
Life with Damien: What is the response locally in the U.K. and Internationally to your original songs?
Adele Harley:[..” I have been getting a fantastic response, the new album is selling well, in fact  the album has started selling well in the U.S. in the last few months, also a fantastic response from Jamaicans, I have totally been accepted as a lovers rock/ reggae singer”..]
Life with Damien: What is your current favourite musician(s)/Bands/Genres?
Adele Harley [..”I love Tarrus Riley or more recently Romain Virgo , always been a massive fan of Sanchez, still am, and of course Mr Beres Hammond. For U.K. artists I’m loving Bitty MClean”..]
Life with Damien: What inspires you?
Adele Harley: [..”Quality riddms, something i can feel in an instant, conjuring up an instant mood for the music”..]
Life with Damien: Tell me a little about your current and future projects?
Adele Harley:[..”I am currently working on my next album with mafia&fluxy, which is gonna include a collaboration with Maxi Priest,
 I have also written some songs for ‘Flava’ mcgreggor for some brand new releases in 2012, also will be touring,doing some acoustic gigs, playing my songs from the new album etc but completely broken down”..]
Life with Damien: Thank you so much Adele , for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us such a wonderful interview,I wish you every success with your new album and all the best with your current and future projects,it has been a pleasure I hope to talk with you again soon.

 Debut album



*Hit Tune: “Reach Out”: http://www.myspace.com/music/player?sid=80180298&ac=now

*New Songs:

*”Love for Life”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSUFVViMIGE

*”So Jah Seh”(Cover Tune):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhLNfcP-kAU&feature=related

*”Million Dollar Bill”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7t9X8BfULc&feature=related

*”No one yard”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JLI7eriaG0

Official Website: http://morefiremanagement.moonfruit.com/

MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/morefiremanagement

Adele Harley>Hit Tune “Love for Life”:http://soundcloud.com/more-fire-management/cool-deadly-mix?utm_source=soundcloud

(Q and A): My Interview with Rachel Boss (More Fire Management)
Life with Damien: “Blessed Love and Greetings Rachel , could you tell me how long have you been managing Adele Harley”?
Rachel: [.. “For 2 years plus”..]
Life with Damien: “I first came across her music when I was downloading podcasts from Greedy G @ Podomatic.com around 2008. Since then I have become increasingly impressed by her lovers rock style of vocals and lyrics, What can you tell me about her tour / recording history as long as she has been with you”?
Rachel:[.. “When I first came across Adele she was recording her debut album ‘Come into my life’ with UK producers ‘Mafia & Fluxy’, since then she has recorded tracks with Rory from Stone Love, Lee Francis from Smart Move Records, Lloyd Brown and most recently ‘Kemar flava McGregor from no doubt records (cool and deadly riddim)”..]
Life with Damien: “What are her future plans as far as collaborations go, are there any old school Jamaican reggae artists interested in collaborating?.
Rachel: [..”Adele has been in the studio recently recording with Maxi Priest, for a collaboration they have written together for her next album ( due out spring 2012). She is also hoping to collaborate with Freddie McGregor and Stevie Face”..]
Life with Damien: “What Labels/producers other than Mafia and Fluxy is Adele currently associated with or in the booking stages of becoming involved with (U.K. or International labels)?.
Rachel: [..”Adele Haley is currently associated with;
*Kemar Flava McGregor (No doubt Records)
*Rory (Stone love)
*Joe Frasier (VP records)
*Lee Francis (Smart move Records)
*Lloyd Brown (cornerstone)..”].
Life with Damien: “ Has she been head hunted by any main stream labels such as VP/ Penthouse/Necessary Mayhem? or any contact in the pipeline?“.
Rachel: [..”Yes she has been approached by Curtis Lynch and would consider it a great honour to work with him when time permits for them both. She already had a couple of songs out with Joe Frasier(VP) records on r.n.b to reggae compilations”..]

Life with Damien: “What is her tour schedule like for end of 2011 into 2012? Any Plans to come to Ireland to perform at any festival/ any tours planed for Europe “?.
Rachel:[..”Adele has been/ is doing appearances in the UK, she has not yet been to Ireland, but hopefully in 2012 we will put a mini tour together with a full live band , covering areas like Ireland, Scotland etc.  We would also like to increase our bookings for festivals in Europe,  Promoters would be most welcome to contact me regarding this”..]
Life with Damien: How did you become involved in managing Adele?
Rachel: [..”I met Adele through my good friend Leroy Mafia (Mafia & Fluxy) he had her playing in his car as we were zooming up the motorway one evening, I started to chat with Adele and it was obvious she had a really bright future.  Many people are unaware that Adele is also an excellent musician;initially I wanted to assist her in the day to day admin involved in being an artist to free up her time to be creative.  The artist/manager situation grew organically between us as time went on.  She is extremely hard working, humble and professional and we trust each other 100%”..]
Life with Damien: Thank you so much for giving such an informative interview, I wish yourself,the more fire management team and Adele all the success in the world.I have no doubt in my mind that Adele will soon be recognised for her talent on the international stage. I hope to talk with you both again in the near future for a follow up video interview in the U.K. or Ireland.
More Fire Management (Contact Details for Promoter Bookings):
Telephone (Rachael Boss): 01273-747332
Email: morefiremanagement@gmail.com


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