Cork Art Trail ~ The Art Work Embassy at the Elysian Hotel Cork Ireland.

The Cork Art Trail has begun and the projects of the Art Work Embassy is open to viewings from art lovers and the general public alike. This Art Program has been organised to run from saturday the nineteenth of november until sunday the fourth of december open daily 12 am to 6pm.It is one not to miss out on. Located  at unit D3 next to the  car park beneath the Elysian building and admission is free. There are many participant art studio groups involved in the projects and it truly showcases the qualified art talent that exists in Cork City and County.

The Cork Art studio groups involved are;

*Outlaw Studios based at Unit P8,Marina Commercial Park,Centre Park road,Cork.

The Elysian 2009 3ftx2ft €2500 John Adams painting of Elysian for Sale at the Art Work Embassy at the Elysian.

John  Adams

John Adams associated with Outlaw Studios lives in St.Lukes Cork City and is a fine art painter originally from Bray,County Wicklow.John is a very successful and well known fine art painter in Ireland that has been involved in many of these projects. His most high profile exhibition in recent years was of Cork harbour,where he painted many outstanding landmarks such as Blackrock Castle and seafaring vessels such as the Tug boats that operate the harbour and the buildings surrounding the Port of Cork.You can check out his work on his Official Website: Contact(cell phone):(00353)87804866

Sculptor>  Blessing Sanyanga
[.. “I allow the sculpture to come out of the stone, it is in there, and it is my job to bring it out.”..]

Blessing Sanyanga  originally from Harare in Zimbabwe is a well known Sculptor in Ireland.He is self taught having grown up in the Shona Tribe which are recognised globally as having the best stone carvers,he combines these teachings with celtic symbolism to create his own style.Blessing works with many different materials which include Irish Lime Stone,Italian Sandstone, African Green Opal and Cobalt,Soap stone,Black Granite,Serpentines and Marble.He is excited to be part of such a growing art scene in cork. Blessing is associated with Back water and Sample studios.

For more information on Blessings career check out the link:

Blessing has many stunning sculptures present at the Art Work Embassy.These include “Nomadic Family”,”Wisdom”,”Sleeping Beauty/Belly dancer and the Golden Swan”.

Other studio works present at the exhibition are from;

*Blackwater Artists*

*Cork on the Hill*

*Sample Studios*

*Glebe Art Studios*

*National Sculpture Factory*

*Golden Section Studio*

*Cuig *

*4th Floor Studios*

The Art work embassy , Projects taking place within the Elysian Hotel are Collective Research and Process(C.R.A.P), Mutant Space Trash Culture Revue, Worlds End.

Chatroom Feedback:

Art Group links (Official Websites):




  1. If I had to grade this post in an exam I would give it 43 for research content.The reason I would give it a low grade is because it is missing an interview in writing,audio or video format. Also their is follow up information regarding the sale of John Adams Elysian painting with the proceeds of the sale going to a woman painter in dublin who lost her working hand in a knife attack.

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