Joe Higgs~ Mentor or Master Vocalist?

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One of  the greatest Reggae artists of all time,Joe Higgs born third of June nineteen forty is regarded as a legend hugely influential in the ska and rocksteady era.He maintained an iconic status throughout his musical career.He has been a great representation of the talent that grew from such a tiny island in the carribean.Not many people are aware that Joe Higgs mentored Bob Marley and the Wailers in the early days of their career and many of the existing band members still credit their training to the support of Joe Higgs.

Joe was a successful artist in his own right developing as a group artist in the early 60’s before going solo and collaborating with many artists over the course of the 70’s and 80’s . Joe was there from the beginning of reggae so was a great mentor to trainee musicians with an eye for nurturing talent. Joe Higgs has left a legacy of vocal inspiration for many current artists to draw upon. He briefly provided guidance to the Wailing Souls in 1974 while performing alongside them forming the group “Attara”. He also worked with Peter Tosh on the production of Stepping Razor.He appears in the Red X tapes the documentary of Peter Tosh’s life.

Not long before Joe died, he was working on his autobiography with writer Roger Steffens, and had been working on a cross-cultural project recorded at U2’s studio in Dublin, to be titled “Green on Black,” uniting Gaelic artists like Sharon Shannon and Donal Looney with Higgs, in lengthy Irish-jazz-reggae improvisations.

Music Video(song): “Theres a reward”: 

Most Popular Joe Higgs tunes:

” Got to make a way”:


Life of Contradiction“:

*Song; “That my Enemies sing”:

“Young and Wild”:

“Think of the moment (Unity is Power)”:

“Small world”:


“Buring Fire”:



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