Can’t quench this~Lutan Fyah

In 2003,”World Crisis” was the first international album for Lutan to appear on the scene , collaborating with Anthony B. World Crisis was recorded at HGS Oakland studio, mixed by Nigel Burell at Anchor studio and released on the Higher ground music label.

During 2004, he released the “Them no know themselves” album, produced by Brotherman on the Minor 7 Flat 5 label.

“Time and Place” 2005 album produced on the Lustre Kings Label.

In 2006 Lutan collaborated on the album “Five disciples part 4” on the Penitentiary Label. He also released his 3rd solo album “Phantom War” on Greensleeves which hits back at our governments struggle for power.

Also in September 2006 The album “Healthy Lifestyle”  was produced and released with Phillis “Fattis Burrell for X-terminator productions on the VP Record Label. This shows the seriousness and dedication Lutan has had for his music and culture.

January 2007, Lutan released the “You Bring Blessings” album produced by Byron Murray of the In the Streetz label for Cousins Records,the selection is a mix of roots reggae and modern lovers rock.

“Live in Sanfrancisco” released June 2008 on the 2B1 label.

December 2008 he released the album “Africa” on the 2B1 music label.

During June 2009 Lutan released the album  “African be proud” on the RaStar Record Label.

July 2009 Lutan released the album Justice on the Philadub Label.

In December 2009 Lutan released “The Kings Son” album on the In the Streets Record Label.

Also during  December 2009 Kemar ‘Flava’ Mcgregor produced the album simply named “Music” for Lutan on the No doubt record label.

In January 2011 Prince Jazzbo produced  the collaborative album ‘Lutan Fyah meets Prince Jazzbo’ on his own label . This is a very enjoyable album to listen to and is an excellent selection of conscious tunes,with my favourite song on the album “No hold down”. The compilation selected truely showcases and blends both their styles.

In July 2011 the StarPlayer Music Label  produced the album “A New Day”, Lutan’s most recent work.

Photo of lutanfyahnow
Favourite Tunes of 2011:
*Song:’Bring Back the Love’*
 On Lutan’s official  MySpace page, he describes his vocal style as [..’healing and easy listening roots reggae music’..]

[… In fact, Lutan remembers as a youth listening to San and Dirtsman performing at dances on his grandfather’s Black Iniverse sound system in Thompson Pen, a community in Spanish Town, Jamaica Watching them up‐close inspired his career path…]

[…”Getting that hit song is important to every artist. I always sing as an artist but its time I start singing for the radio,”…]

Dub poet/social commentator Mutabaruka said at the official launch of the album afrca that […”I am taken with Lutan’s stance to singing from the heart despite the material trappings of the music business. “(The fact that he said) We are going to call an album Africa. Nothing else. That is saying a lot” …]

Lutan Fyah was born Anthony Martin 1975 at Portmore, a sprawling housing community in Jamaica’s St. Catherine parish. He has strong roots in Spanish Town, once the capital of the Caribbean country and stomping ground for big names like Lieutenant Stitchy, Papa San and San’s late brother Dirtsman. The Message Lutan carries in his lyrics is powerful and straight to the point which grabs the attention of the listener. His discography gives the impression of a relentless hard working singer songwriter.

*New Songs:

*”Nah Wah settle down”:

*”Wanting You”:

*Official 2011 Music video:

“Little Voice”:

New Album:”A New Day” released July 2011 on the Star player music label.

Favourite Music Videos:



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