Nasio Fontaine~ Dominica and Beyond

Nasio Fontaine was born in Carte-bois a small village, near Bagatell on the southeast coast of the island of Dominica. He grew up on his parents farm and was first introduced to singing when he was a small child attending church and at school. Although he prefers not to give his age he says in an interview for the Caribbean hall of fame that he is[… “as old as yesterday, as young as today”…].

Nasio is the youngest of seven children,his mother is a full blooded descendent of the indigenous Arawak Indian tribes that inhabited the Caribbean islands prior to colonisation,his father a descendant of African slaves. Nasio grew up in a very musical environment and  is heavily influenced by the sounds of Calypso,Soca and Zouk. Nasio developed his songwriting and vocal talent during nineteen eighty one when he moved to the island of Saint Maarten, working as a handyman and day laborer for the purpose of funding his recordings.

In nineteen eighty six , Nasio recorded his debut single called “Born to be free”, selling over five thousand copies on Saint Maarten which was a surprise to the locals who had never seen a local celebrity sell so many from a single recording. Due to the environment he grew up in; Nasio quickly chose the spiritual path for his music always seeking to spread a message of love for all creation and awareness through the rastafarian way of life. In nineteen ninety, Nasio recorded the song“Babylon Is Falling”.

In nineteen ninety two, Nasio recorded his debut album “Reggae Power” in Jamaica on the Aphelion record label but decided not to release it until nineteen ninety four. During nineteen ninety four, Nasio took his music to the United States where he gained huge reggae business expertise from Lenny Shillingford and within one year, “Reggae Power” was on radio stations and in record stores throughout the world.His ‘Reggae Power’ album was then reissued in two thousand and three with the song “Armed and dangerous” which became a huge hit in the reggae charts.

Nasio was also nominated for many accolades including ‘Best New Artist‘ at the Tamika Reggae Awards, ‘Best Reggae Album‘ at the Canadian reggae music awards and by Roots Reggae Magazine’s ‘Best Reggae Album of nineteen ninety six’ . During nineten ninety seven,Nasio went on to produce the EP– song ‘Wolf-Catcher’ with two bonus tracks. Nineteen ninety eight and nine were busy years  for his touring schedule with the album ‘Revolution’ on the Aphelion And Attrose music record labels.

In two thousand and three; Nasio produced the album and very hit song ‘Living in the positive’ for the Attrose music label, which was reissued in two thousand and four on the Ras Record Label. July two thousand and Six saw the release of the album ‘Universal Cry’ on Chris Cracknell and Sedgwick’s ‘Greensleeves’ label which received fantastic reviews. The most recent from july two thousand and seven being the compilation ‘Rise Up’ album also on the Greensleeves record label.

Nasio continues to tour with a busy schedule,he has new songs and albums in the pipeline but has yet to disclose any information on release dates. We look forward to hearing more from him soon.

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  1. Hi Damien. This was the first blog i read from you. I’m so delighted of your enthusiasm towards travelling, arts and especially Reggae music. I think you look at the world in very observing and positive prospect which is what we would need to do. Take care and keep up the writing ! x

  2. If I was to grade this post in an exam I would have to give it 50 percent.I like the amount of research done,and reference links.Some of the photos have removed probably due to copyright. Although I can see avoidance of plagerism in the writing style.

  3. I am very impressed of Nazio and all his accomplishments.His Music is Socially Conscious. Dominica have not realized this Godly Gift. His voice touches your soul. What a Dynamic artist.
    I enjoyed reading his Bio. The World need to hear this Peace Advocate.

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