Richie Spice in 2011


Richie Spice was born  Richell Bonner on September 8th 1971 in Rockhall, St.Andrew’s parish, Jamaica. He was raised and lives according to the teachings of the Rastafarian faith, He comes from a very musical background; his brothers being well known  reggae artists in their own right namely Spanner Banner and Pliers (of Shaka demus and pliers). Richie is a very prolific singer song writer and has had a very extensive career with many back to back albums starting with his debut album and hit song “Living ain’t easy” in 1999 which was produced by his sister Brigett Bonner.

In 2000 this album was remastered and renamed “Universal” with four bonus tracks. In 2004,  Devon Wheatley for 5th element records produced for Richie the album “Spice in your life” .During 2005 Richie collaborated  with Chuck Fender,Jah Cure and I-Wayne to produce the Young Lions album (volume 1) on the charm label and also did a best of album named Toe to Toe (volume 9) with Jah Cure also on the charm label.

In 2006 Spice in your Life was reissued on VP records with two new bonus tracks including the number one hit song in the reggae charts “Earth-a-run-red”. Also in 2006 Richie also did the  collaborative album named Perfect Balance with Turbulance on Weeded Records. During 2007 Richie developed his third independent album “In the Streets of Africa” on Fifth Element label and in febuary of 2007 on the VP record label.

In April of 2007 Richie produced the compilation album “Mother-Land Africa” on the penitentiary label and in 2008 reissued and renamed the album “Africa calling” also on the penitentiary label.In May of 2008 Richie launched the hugely successful album “Gideon Boot” with the hit song of the same name on the VP record label. Currently he is touring reggae festivals throughout the world,promoting his new album “Book of Job” released march of this year on VP. With many new songs becoming increasingly popular among them the song “Better Tomorrow”.

As Richie reflects in his Biography on his Official Website:

[… “I’ve always had a wide meditation of having my music go out there to the world because I know it can go far,” “But it is very hard singing of righteousness in the world”,”When you sing of good you will find that evil rise up and try to dominate good. But I will continue the fight, go out there and have people hear what I am saying.”…]

He speaks of his brother Spanner Banner introducing him to the studio environment and how he felt under-prepared.Richie admits how much effort it takes to make it in this reggae business […“That experience show me that to reach anywhere ,there is a lot of work to be done”…]

Live Performances 2011:

Song>”More Life”:

Official Website:



*World-a- Reggae interview 2011:

*Reggae-Sun-Ska festival 2011:

*Juice TV interview(1,2,3):

*On the Farm:

*Family gathering with Richie Spice:

*The Jamaica Star Newspaper interview:

*HOTT Radio 1075 interview:

*Xposed TV interview:


Career History


15th of March 2011 launches new album “Book of Job”

* My Favourite Songs (off  the New album Book of Job) 2011:

*”Better Tomorrow” (music video):

*”My Life”:

*”Mother of Creation”:

*”Never let us down”:

*”Find Jah”:

*”All for a cause”:


Brand new tunes:

*”Got to make it”:



Music Video(s)>

*”Trouble in the world”:

*”Open the doors”:

*”Blood again”:

*”Earth a run red”:

* “Black Woman”:


*Official Music Video(s):

* “Youths dem cold”:

*”The Plane Land”:

~With reference to the song The Plane Land; as he reflects in his biography on his official website ,He says[… “It is a song everyone can relate to if they travel,” “and if they don’t travel, they will learn this is what we go through as entertainers as we go to other countries”…]~

*”Brown Skin”:

*”Ano me dat”:

My Favourite Songs (off  2008 Gideon Boot Album):

My favourite tune>*”Gideon Boot”:

*”The World is a cycle”:

*”High Grade”:


(Music video)*”Legal”:

*”Gideon Soldier”:



  1. I really like it, that you have a lot of links in your posts. It makes it very easy, to find more information. Maybe you could change the size of your headline, it would help to get a better overview in your posts.

  2. If I was to grade this post I would have to give it 50 percent for the level of research and as it’s an aggregated promotional style of blog,not original.Good links and nice choice of videos

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