HEALING REVIEW } Ayurvedic Treatments: The oldest form of medical practice and Science of Life

 This Holistic Treatment is called “Shirodhara”, which may seem some-what bizarre to the western mind, it involves the continuous flow of prescibed warm oil over the forehead. I have had this treatment many times and it is extremely relaxing; chosen mainly for the purpose of dissolving deep seated emotional stress. On a Mental/Emotional level the benefits of  Shirodhara are to open the Third-Eye/Brow Chakra (energy centre) which is  related to the positive and negative attributes of our intuitive thought processes, this helps to co-ordinate the mind body balance. Conditions treated with Shirodhara are Insomnia,Migraine and Sinusitis. It is usually performed as part of a more comprehensive treatment known as “Panchakarma” by a Qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner.


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Panchakarma is not a treatment for the faint-hearted. It is an intensive detoxification process usually performed over several days on a patient at an Ayurvedic centre by Qualified Ayurvedic doctors. It involves various forms of deep-massage,using a variety of oils, followed by a purgative cleansing of the digestive system. The early stage of Panchakarma treatment are for preparing the patient and is usually gentle on the body,it focuses on purifying the lungs and stomach.Later stages involve the 5 stage cleansing process of light massage becoming deeper as the days go on and herb compress to direct toxins and excess fluids to the urinary and digestive systems, Steam baths for the purpose of sweating toxins through the skin, induced vomitting,medicated emesis( Enema)  a specilized diet is also given to rebalance. Some traditional Panchakarma practitioners still perform blood letting as a technique in the cleansing process,but you are unlikely to find this in the main stream ayurvedic centre for western clients.



















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