Luciano’s New Album Release 2011:Rub a Dub Market

Blessed Love and Greetings, For those unfamiliar with Luciano’s work as a messenger reggae artist look no further. Often a frequent visitor to the U.K.‘s Roots Reggae Festivals, rarely does he grace our shores with his spirituality and uplifting lyrics. In 2010 he performed at Button factory in Dublin but has yet to do a tour or festival in Ireland.

Any Promoters reading this should seriously consider putting more effort in,you are missing out and so are the Irish fans who cannot afford to travel to these gigs abroad. In 2008/2009 his management said they would reschedule his cork city gig as promised, that was suppose to take place first at the Savoy then changed to the Pavillion Cork,but due to financial and logistical problems he never made it here.He would be surprised with the positive reception he would receive,especially at this recessionary time.

Rub a dub market his most recent work has only just been released in our cd/record stores,often difficult to find his stuff on the reggae section shelves of the Irish music shops, most fans rely on online purchase,but for those without a credit card this is impossible.This is definitely an album to get as it truly showcases his developing ‘iritical’ (i.e inspiring message) song writing talent .

Luciano’s singing style has been heavily influenced by Dennis Emmanuel Brown, Garnet Silk and Jim Reeves.Unknown to most listeners he has been performing on the international stage for over 15 years with many more successful albums to come, Through his faith as a Rastafarian he has an unlimited store of inspiration to keep his musical style evolving. Luciano’s Fans recognise his work as just as significant to consciousness as the late great, Robert “Nesta” Marley even going so far as to say that he is the lead messenger artist of our time.

Check out these links and videos and if you have any questions regarding Luciano’s career do not hesitate to reply to this post.

Reggae- Ville Interview> Luciano 2011:

World-A-Reggae Interview>Luciano 2011:

*Filagosto Festival 2011(Interview):




*Live Performance:


~Music videos and behind the scenes footage for Rub-a-dub-market~

My favourite Song on the new album “Living my Life“:;2834/


All time favourite Songs(music videos):

*”Give Praise”:

“Hills and Vally”:



  1. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Music speaks its own language, and paints its own picture. ‘Living My Life’ is truly an honest reflection on the well being that your blog persistently discusses. Beautiful.

  2. You know what I don’t give Reggae as much time as I used to. I’ll definitely check this guy out & if he is as good as you say then I’m sure I’ll be an instant fan.

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