How do we know when we are doing exercise wrong?

It may not be obvious to the person who does not exercise frequently; where most so-called “damage” is seen the next day post-workout when the aches and pains start to appear. But for the seasoned gym veteran exercise performed incorrectly is more a cause for worry when repeated muscle tears on top of existing and often ignored long-standing injuries cause the person to take into account their energy levels or calorie expenditure.As I am a Qualified Sports Injuries Therapist with studied training in Diet,Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology it is easy for me to say to  inexperienced  and or experienced gym participants alike that “Without adequate personal trainer supervision you are going to cause repeated injury from the way you do the specified exercise” most will not apply this vital piece of  information as they say they know their own bodies yet they do not take care of it.

Sports Psychology is the study of how an Athlete,Sports person or Regular exercising participant causes or prevents injuries by applying simple yet drastic measures to improve performance.

There are four key factors that are essential to the way we exercise; (1).Breathing is one of them and it is not uncommon that we at the best of times do not focus on our breathing as we perform the specific movement for example to breathe properly during exercise you need to breathe out on exertion  and breathe in between repititions,many make the mistake of doing the opposite(2). Proper Nutrition: is probably the most important as without the right amount of energy we are unlikely to complete the exercise routeine.There are Health Shops in most cities and towns with a full range of supplements specific to individual needs, it is always well worth researching products and prices before committing to an exercise plan. (3). Clothing and Footwear: This is probably the most obvious factor yet people still make the mistake of wearing tight restrictive or loose clothing which impedes performance. (4).Warm up and Cool down: exercises that are brief yet create readiness for the activity.Most importantly rest and avoid over-training even the most competitive fitness enthusiasts take breaks from their routine.

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