Do we really consider food as Medicine?


As we all should know; “We are what we eat”. We all live busy lives these days and it is no wonder that we cannot find the time to analyse the food we put into our bodies.  Eating disorders are often highlighted in the health sections of many newspapers and magazines and it is for this very reason that we should be more  aware of the way we choose to live our lives. It is all to easy to fall into the trap of eating mainly processed foods with very little preparation of meals for the day ahead or thought going into the nutritional value of what we eat, yet it is just as easy to adopt a proper daily eating plan, we generally ignore what is most important for optimum health and put blind trust in convenience foods to sustain us.

I have been one of those people who skips meals and expects to keep functioning; placing extra unnecessary demands on myself to achieve daily goals.It is impossible to think straight not to mind concentrate on tasks when our digestive system is at war with our brain. An example of how easy it is to make a daily eating plan is to follow a basic routine. I think it is best to follow an eating plan that suits our bodies and lifestyle without committing to a drastic diet overhaul.

There are many  non invasive complementary health therapy services available in every town and city the world over to help us to find the right foods to eat for our body type to achieve desired result or overcome a longstanding health problem for example Kinesiology helps us to identify food allergies. In the Media these days we are being bombarded by fad diets that for the most part are unhealthy; like a form or regimental conditioning,we all feel we have to live up to a desired image of ourselves yet are unwilling to compromise our lifestyles or address underlying health concerns until they manifest. When we bring awareness and respond to how we feel  it all becomes easier to choose foods suitable to our needs.



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