How are you finding positive ways to adapt to financial pressures?


As the saying goes; The Past is History,The Future is a Mystery and the Present is a Gift,this is a motto I try my up-most to live by. From observing others and my life experiences, I have become aware that our perception of social obligations can almost totally become negative. Sometimes it is difficult to feel gratitude especially when we are constantly being bombarded by social conventions  i.e. what we believe  is demanded of us by our peer groups.

I have come to a point in life when I consider mental emotional well-being as my core priority in life. I am grateful for the challenges I have met, as this has allowed me to grow into who I am now. It is this realization that has led me on this path of true enlightenment, not the Buddhist  ritualistic kind of enlightenment but a more practical way of living. I am now able to detach from Ego and see life through other people’s eyes, we all have a role to play and it is pointless for us to feel resentful for experiences we have created, or for the most part contributed to through our thoughts and actions.




  1. Amazing how, even as adults, we are affected by our peer groups. It takes a lifetime of growth and effort to move toward thinking for ourselves, and being content with who and where we are.

    Thank you for visiting my site and signing up. I am glad for the opportunity to discover, and read through, your blogs.

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